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Presenting choices about the food we eat and how it affects us

What are you eating today?
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Food for Life TV

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"Learning to make choices that promote better health are not only good for the individual, but build up and strengthen communities as well.  We are happy to support this creative effort to give persons more information on making healthy choices in food choice and preparation." Jane Cors Smith - Executive Director of Diocesan Pastoral Services
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Food for Life is a television show hosted by David Allinder, that explores all the latest food buzz words like Organic, Locally Grown, Heirloom, Slow Foods and Bio-Dynamic to see what they really offer in terms of feeling better and being healthy.  In the show we visit experts and go right to the source of these foods. Then we return to the kitchen to cook meals that take advantage of these amazing foods, in a way that works with our hectic schedules, tight budgets,and busy families.
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